Co La - Performs "Deaf Christian" & Discusses it on's "+1"

Lundi, 12 Janvier, 2015 - 13:59

Co La - Performs "Deaf Christian" & Discusses it on's "+1"


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The latest installment of's "+1" series, which focuses on live performance, spends time with Matthew Papich, aka Co La, during his performance at the Brooklyn venue 285 Kent.

He performed tracks from his next album, which he said is due out in May. "When I've been playing the [new album] for friends, I've almost felt sympathy, because it goes to some intense and dark places at moments," he said.

Papich mentioned that he prefers doing one-off shows instead of touring. He also discussed his complex, performance art-like shows: 

"It's becoming more and more about simple movements with my body. I wouldn't classify it as dance, no. But it's related to that, I think. It's similar to performance, but it intentionally is between the lines.” 

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