Ecoutes Au Vert / Genève / Aventures sonores au grand air! / ITAL + AURORA HALAL / 1994716742


ITAL (Planet Mu/100% SILK/Workshop - US) + AURORA HALAL


Je 23 mai - DOORS 9:30PM - CONCERT AT 10PM SHARP!

Unfortunately there are some issues with noise disturbances and neighbors at the venue, so we have to start the CONCERT AT 10PM and finish by 1AM. Sorry it's Geneva! Come on time ^,+

ITAL (Planet Mu/100% SILK/Workshop - US) Live /machines!
+ AURORA HALAL (100% SILK/Mutual Dreaming - US) audio visual show

+ Local support by LKS (wtf/toast terry - GE/ZH) house

Doors: 9:30 PM / Entrance: 14.- CHF
(Le Contretemps is a small capacity venue and has to be hired + the soundsystem and everything else has to be rented and brought in especially for the night = this quality concert night with American artists has a high cost - we are unfortunately not living in the squats era anymore - so we hope u understand and we appreciate your support and look forward to enjoy the night ;-)

1 Rue des Savoises, Plainpalais, 1205 Genève

Last year we tried hard to bring u ITAL after he blew my mind away when seeing him live in Berlin, but schedules unfortunately didn’t worked out. This year he’s finally on at EAV! We are very proud to bring u this new breed of US musicians like BEAUTIFUL SWIMMERS (last year at Motel Campo) that revitalize house, techno & electronic music with fresh ideas & sounds.

ITAL WILL PLAY LIVE WITH HIS MACHINES & AUDIO VISUAL SHOW at ECOUTES AU VERT indoor night as it’s something that must be played out LOUD!

So come down into the CONTRETEMPS for this night following the blurred lines between dancing, live act and partying with ITAL & AURORA HALAL. Local dj LKS will keep u dancing before & after the live performance. It’s 2013 sugar, it finally all came together!

Daniel Martin-McCormick aka ITAL chops and skews classic house/techno through a liberating and unique soundworld. His tracks are panoramic, labyrinthine constructions that channel the dystopian visions of Drexciya and the industrial explorations of Chris & Cosey while never straying too far from a 4/4 mindset.

As one half of Thrill Jockey/Not Not Fun act Mi Ami Daniel brings a euphoric post-noise aesthetic into play, continually distorting, filtering and panning different channels to create amorphous, boundary-blurring productions, where voices from the ether and melted synth washes soar across the the soundfield. Dancefloors across Europe have been smitten by his tactile live set, from underground basements to festival mainstages as his sound/performance is a RUSH.

Ital has found a natural home on Mike Paradinas’s wonderfully prolific bass haven Planet Mu (Rashad & Spinn, Kuedo, Konx-Om-Pax). New album Dream On was released in Autumn 2012, hot on the heels of his Mu debut Hive Mind, which drew praise from all quarters (see quotes below), and before that a run of 12”s on 100% SILK and his own Lover’s Rock imprint (including a killer remix from kindred spirit Hieroglyphic Being). A new 12″ is due on Kassem Mosse’s Workshop imprint shortly.

Recently he has been accompanied on tour by visual artist and Brooklyn warehouse party promoter Aurora Halal (Innergaze/100% SILK/Mutual Dreaming), takes dancefloors deeper with her synched up hall of mirrors projections. Bringing an arsenal of analog video equipment and cameras, she performs a live, super saturated and cosmic interactive video feedback immersion.

Press Quotes

“Five futuristic club jams that bring to mind everyone from Marcus Mixx to Jamal Moss via the neon output of Night Slugs… refreshing, inspiring, and quite possibly my favourite dance record of the moment” – Electronic Beats

“Five deliciously strung-out club tracks are as original as they come, stewing up house’s 4/4 kickdrum with muddy synths and diced-up diva vocals… Awash with memories of dancefloor bliss” – NME

“Hive Mind subverts the expectations and structures of house music… as messy and thoughtful a take on house as we’re likely to hear this year” – Pitchfork

“some of the most vital-sounding house music around… nothing could have prepared us for Culture Clubs, a sunblind epic of rough percussion, luscious chords and elements that work against each other as effectively as they work with each other” – Fact Magazine