Beautiful Swimmers - FACT TV

Vendredi, 6 Février, 2015 - 21:16

Beautiful Swimmers - FACT TV

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FACT TV spent last weekend at Amsterdam's spectacular Dekmantel Festival.

Here's the first film we shot: a sit-down with DC duo Beautiful Swimmers, a.k.a. Maxmillion Dunbar and Ari Goldman. The pair have been recording and DJing under the Swimmers name for five years, with their debut album Son released earlier this year (Dunbar has also released two solo albums, Cool Water and House of Woo). These two are some of our favourite DJs for several reasons, but mostly because they just play shit-hot records you've never heard of, and which throw you surprises without ever becoming undanceable - or at least never being less than fun as hell. Sometimes it's just that simple.

Filmed by Kamil Dymek & Anoushka Seigler, interviewed by Lauren Martin. August 2013