Steve Summers, l'homme aux nombreux alias et projets musicaux, sait triturer ses machines et synthés pour délivrer un live entre house et techno qui vous emmène de l'autre côté du miroir... If the name of Jason Letkiewicz doesn't tell you something, it is most probably due to the fact the he rarely records and performs under his real name. The man of thousand faces and of thousand projects is most commonly known for his work as Steve Summers, Rhythm Based Lovers, Innergaze, Malvoeaux, Alan Hurst, 2 Dogs in a House (together with Ron Morelli), and more. With releases on Clones Jack for Daze, Future Times, the label of the Beautiful Swimmers and his own acclaimed Touch Your Life, Echovolt and L.I.E.S., a constant stream of outstanding music has been released over the past several years.