Maxmillion Dunbar - Woo Daps Mixtape

Vendredi, 16 Mai, 2014 - 01:41

Maxmillion Dunbar - Woo Daps Mixtape



Ecoutes Au Vert / Genève / Aventures sonores au grand air! / Maxmillion Dunbar - Woo Daps Mixtape / 2027702372

Maxmillion Dunbar, half of Beautiful Swimmers dj team whom played Ecoutes au vert in 2012 at one of our Motel Campo Parties, put out a very nice album called "House of Woo". Now he's put out a free downloadable mixtape comprised of remixes, edits and collaborative reworkings of the album’s tracks. Among the highlights are a remix of ‘Inca Tags’ featuring Arthur Russell-collaborator Peter Zummo, sample wrangler Co La (whom played écoutes au vert 2013) plus a “live jam mix” of ‘Kangaroo’ that features Protect-U (Future Times) and Aaron Coyes (Peaking Lights). Also included are three untitled tracks that hint at what’s to come for the DC-bred producer. Enjoy ^.^

01. Coins For The Canopy (Dolo Constellation Dub) + Kangaroo brass
02. For Mozy (OG Ambience) + spare drums
03. For Mozy (Original Electro version)
04. Inca Tags (Trumpet Sludge) + spare drums
05. Inca Tags (Remix feat. Peter Zummo, Co La, Sami Yenigun)
06. Calvin & Hobbes (ECM Mix)
07. Loving The Drift (Ttam Renat Remix)
08. Untitled I
09. Slave To The Vibe (Cathedral 808 Mix) + drum work
10. Untitled II
11. Kangaroo (Live Jam Mix w/ Protect-U, and Aaron Coyes from Peaking Lights)
12. Untitled III