EAV aux Bains: The Pyramids (Strut - US) Concert Afro Funk Jazz Legends + Ghetto Fakirs djs

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écoutes au vert aux Bains des Pâquis (Officiel) 

Afro Funk Spiritual Jazz Legends – Concert 

GHETTO FAKIRS (Genève) – Ambianceurs-Mélomanes – DJ 

Produced by Max Weissenfeldt (founder of the acclaimed German rare groove band "Poets of Rhythm" and afro jazz orchestra "The Polyversal Souls"), The Pyramids' heavy new master piece "We Be All Africans" comes out in summer 2016 on Strut Records with the band taking on tour their great performances to the stages of summer festivals and clubs. 

Starting off as a bunch of pupils of free jazz legend Cecil Taylor at Ohio's legendary Antioch College, they used a student grant to escape the US to travel to Europe and then across Africa as early as 1972, playing and recording with local musicians wherever possible.

Back in the US, they incorporated their African experience into music which is as unique as visionary, releasing 3 albums in private press which in their original editions are much-sought after among collectors.

2007 brought a highly energetic reunion of the group, boosting their trademark sound of massive Afro-centric drumming meets ecstatic group improvisations. The Pyramids' extensive European tours since 2010 (after the reissue of their old albums and new record "Otherworldy") turned out to be a great triumph: The collective received rave reviews, standing ovations and blew Gilles Peterson's mind on more than only one occasion - the legendary radio DJ honored Idris Ackamoor with an award for "lifetime achievements" at his Worldwide Awards 2012. 

Ecoutes au vert had programmed The Pyramids already back in 2011 at the Contretemps in Geneva, where it turned out to be a great concert. We are extremely happy to welcome them back this year. 
https://youtu.be/WftP_u1FzGs + https://youtu.be/eQoQamNTw4Q

New album on Strut Records “We Be All Africans”: 

Video of the new album: https://youtu.be/Zbmh9_ssTjs
Boiler Room: https://youtu.be/e_1M-liwfU4


Ambianceurs-Mélomanes, les Ghetto Fakirs vous invitent à vous trémousser sur les sillons de l'afro-zic, latin sounds, oriental grooves et autres pépites. Dans la pénombre d'un club moite et sexy, dans des caves manquant d'oxygène ou sur la jetée des Bains, ces deux enturbannés vous transmettront le mouvements spasmodiques et psychédéliques de leurs passions.