FAI BABA debut album: Love Sikk

Lundi, 16 Juin, 2014 - 13:21

FAI BABA debut album: Love Sikk


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Recorded at home, in the vicinity of Zurich's underbelly where the hustle and bustle is all about, Fai Baba sends us on a journey, not quite as far as the swamps and mangroves of the southern U.S. but at least down dim corridors and back rooms of smoked-up whisky bars. Where longing and disappointment do their little dance and where the next glass of liquor and supposed comfort are never far.

Comes consolation, come dreams, daydreams, nightmares. This is where Fai Baba ponders about love, anger, disappointment … all the spices of life. Whether he has sold him his soul we don't know, but that he's danced with the devil can be considered as certain. If anything then Fai Baba has the talent to swing between Folk, Blues, Psychedelic and Rock easily, creating a faint melancholic air but at the same time being as heavy as a stranded giant sea creature. 


The debut album of psychedelic blues artist Fai Baba was released on 6-12-2010.