SKIING stole the hearts of many a couple of years ago with their self-titled debut album, a superb mix of spiky, punk-inflected rock and alternative-pop influenced as much by 50s rock 'n roll as it was by modern alternative bands such as Pavement, The Breeders, The Pastels and Teenage Fanclub.

Summer of 2013, SKIING came breezing back into action with their excellent second album "HOLLY". The punky-punch is still there and sits comfortably alongside longer, beautifully crafted pop-gems such as "Holly" and show a band hitting their stride creatively and blossoming into one of the most exciting live acts around. File under Mid-fi, Post graduate blues, Gay-Edge, Homo-Hop, Wintertime Blues, Pop, Info-Swing, Baltic Surf!

End of 2014, SKIING, released a brilliant new album called "The Diary of a Rotary Phone" furthering it's horizons musically into something more diy cool jazz festive fuzz homo-wop mid-fi pop public service pop punk seaside wintertime blues melancholic!